Snam Diversity

Snam respects the dignity of everyone, and offers equal opportunities in every step and aspect of the employment relationship, avoiding all forms of discrimination based on sex, age, health, nationality, political opinion or religious views.

For Snam the diversity is a value and gender diversity is especially regarded as a resource for the company development.

This is proved by the fact that the female component in 2017 grew compared with the previous year (+6.5%) notwithstanding a large portion of the business activities, in particular the operational ones, requires a technical training which on the market is owned by candidates which are mostly male.

At the end of the year, the Company’s female population consisted of 393 personnel equal to the 13.5% of all the employees (12.8% in 2016) and 36 women have a part-time contract (out of the 42 currently rolling).

The focus on the gender diversity is a corporate objective for 2018 also, turning into a commitment to recruiting at least 50% of women for staff positions and to increase the average training hours (from 15.8 hours in 2017 to 20 hours in 2018).

Female presence (%)

Female presence (%) (Bar chart)

Women hired from the market (n)

Women hired from the market (n) (Bar chart)

Entrance from the market and departures for female gender (no.)

Entrance from the market and departures for female gender (no.) (Bar chart)

Pay gap (women/men)

Pay gap (women/men) (Line chart)
Parenting (Icon)

Support for parenting and work-life balance

During the maternity leave, the employees keep their company benefits and during the mandatory leave period, they receive a maternity pay equal to the 100% of the salary of the month prior to commencement of leave (compared with the 80% as required by the Italian law).

In 2017, 53 people (+10% compared to 2016), 42 of which were female workers, benefited from periods of maternity leave. At the year’s end, 33 maternity positions closed, 23 of which were assigned to women with a return to work rate of 96%, 20 positions are still active, as in 2016.

With regard to parental leave, 239 positions (including 61 women) were opened during the year and 209 closed (54 of which were assigned to women). At year’s end, 30 positions were still active (7 of which were assigned to women).

Female talent (Icon)

Collaboration to enhance the value of female talent

In 2017 Snam became a Supporting Member of Valore D, the first business association to promote diversity, talent and female leadership for the growth of the Country and businesses. A strategic decision to support the company’s international growth now in and the future through the increasingly strong presence of women and colleagues from other nationalities. This collaboration provided the employees with the chance to attend classes to enhance the gender, generational and cultural diversity, to develop an inclusive culture, a factor of innovation, competitiveness and growth for people and businesses. During the year 40 employees (80% of which were women) participated to more than 20 classes that dealt with the following issues: Emotional Intelligence; Global Agility & International Mindset; Happiness at Work; Parenthood; Energy Management; Organisational Leadership; Unconscious Bias.

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