Employment trends in the year

The 2017 was featured by an organisational change that involved the integration of certain operational functions belonging to different company’s businesses. The employment dynamics for the year 2017 are shown here below:

  • 184 employees were hired, of which 148 were recruited from the market and 36 were other hires, including 27 people from Infrastrutture Trasposto Gas according to the change in the consolidation perimeter (October 2017), 1 employee was hired from a non-consolidated company and 8 employees returned to service after a leave of absence;
  • 148 employees left the company, including 33 employees as a result of the termination of the employment contract, 36 employees were terminated unilaterally (due to resignation, death, or dismissal), 73 employees were transferred to non-consolidated companies and 6 other exits.

People under the age of 35 (713) represents more than the 24% of the company population and this percentage increased by 6% compared to 2016, thanks to the entrance of 91 people belonging to this age group during the year.

The absenteeism rate does not include senior managers and it was calculated taking into consideration all hours not worked (paid and not paid) excluding holidays and catch up leaves. In 2017, the female absenteeism rate was 4.8% and the male absenteeism rate was 4.1%.

Age diversity: employees by age bracket (no.)

Age diversity: employees by age bracket (no.) (Bar chart)

Entries and departures from market by age group (no.)

Entries and departures from market by age group (no.) (Bar chart)

Absenteeism rate (%)

Absenteeism rate (%) (Bar chart)

Personnel turnover (%)

Personnel turnover (%) (Bar chart)
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