Greenhouse gas emissions

Snam set an objective for itself to reduce, by 2021, its emissions of natural gas by 10% with respect to the 2016 emissions within the same scope, through specific investments in technological innovation for the plants and improving operational efficiency. The first positive result was achieved in 2017 with a reduction of 3.2%.

Total GHG emissions - scope 1-2-3

Total GHG emissions – scope 1-2-3 (ktCO2eq) (Bar chart)

Thanks to the operations carried out, the release of 82,780 tonnes of CO2eq into the atmosphere was avoided. The main actions carried out for this purpose were: recovery of natural gas subsequent to the application of several best practices; the production of renewable electricity by photovoltaic panels; the purchase of green electricity and the energy saved as a result of the restoration of some of the company’s real estate properties and smart working activities.

In 2017, the total GHG emissions (direct Scope 1 indirect Scope 2 and Scope 3) amounted to approximately 1.75 million tonnes of CO2eq (-3% compared with 2016).

Breakdown of Snam group’s GHG emissions

Breakdown of Snam group’s GHG emissions (Graphic)
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