Land and Environment

Protecting the environment, biodiversity, and the territory are integral parts to define the Snam’s corporate policies and investment decisions

Responsibility for operations

Snam is present, through its infrastructure, in almost all the Country’s regions, in areas and communities different in terms of culture, traditions and economic, social and environmental conditions.

When creating new infrastructures and managing the existing ones, Snam takes a strict, transparent, collaborative and constructive approach to ensure the environmental compatibility of the sites and to facilitate their acceptance by the stakeholders.

Over time a network of relationships with the regional branches of Confindustria and with the local entities of other associations has been developed to discuss energy, economic and environmental policy issues. At a local level, the Company cooperates with authorities and participates to the works of numerous associations and committees, offering its commitment, skills and know how to participate to the social innovation and sustainable development processes.

All of the Snam’s activities are monitored by certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001).

Environmental Expenses (%)

Environmental expenses (Pie chart)

With regard to the environmental protection, Snam spent approximately €120.6 mln (€108.4 mln for investments and €12.2 mln for operating costs).

In 2017 approximately €249 thousands were allocated to the territory as donations and sponsorships and about €5.6 mln as environmental compensation.

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