Internal communication

Via internal communication, Snam continues to promote the engagement of people regarding company-related facts, events and activities, with the aim of encouraging, supporting the development and facilitating the adoption of new behaviour to lead the cultural change.

The strategy focuses on providing frequent updates on Easy, the Intranet portal, via news, video content and in-depth articles with the aim of engaging the entire population in company life and in cultural change.

Internal communication tools

“Easy” the Intranet portal

Main printed tools

Management meetings

A place for information and awareness, addressed to all the Snam employees, but also a place to share knowledge, exchange working documents and share views through the “let’s collaborate” space, designed to facilitate people working in teams.

The “Energie”, is a magazine which continues to represent the Snam’s corporate identity and narrate major events.

“Speciali Energie” – consists of editorial annexes, focused on specific topics.

“Osservatorio Domanda Gas” is a newsletter, with news, analysis and comments regarding gas demand. It is available to all employees also on mobile devices.

Cascading executive meetings and middle manager meetings regarding the company’s strategic plan.

Meetings dedicated to management (executive and middle managers) aimed at strengthening the team building.

CEO roadshows throughout the territory to present the strategic plan.

Thematic meetings aimed at strengthening innovative thinking and team buidling (“The future is in our hands”).

End-of-the-year video-conference event to bring the entire corporate population together.

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