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In over 75 years of history, Snam has contributed to innovation, progress and social growth in Italy, constructing and managing complex infrastructures. Inspired by the Snam’s infrastructure mission, working for the development of the social system through the construction of networks and listening directly to stakeholders, the Foundation makes corporate, methodology and managerial expertise available as well as the ability to attract investments and develop relational networks.

The Snam Foundation plans to redevelop the most vulnerable areas of the country, specifically by protecting and looking after the landscape and environmental heritage, as well as developing cultural and social activities in every expression.

The Snam Foundation, acting as a system integrator, promotes specific initiatives in different areas putting itself forward as a connecting element between Snam and the social sector.

Snam Foundation: “Tesori - Terre Solidali in Reti Inclusive” (Icon)

“Tesori – Terre Solidali in Reti Inclusive”

An initiative launched in conjunction with Confagricoltura in 2017 to use certain Snam company assets, in particular unused land, making them available to local communities to implement projects that disseminate practices of social inclusion for frail subjects, associated with the agricultural sector.

In 2019, projects were supported in 2 areas, Recanati and Ronco all’Adige. In the former, a small industrial pasta factory was created, which will house students for professional internships and educational workshops, while in the latter, structures were installed for pet-therapy activities and hydroponic cultivation, aimed at supporting the rehabilitation of people with mental health difficulties.

Snam Foundation: Cortile dei Gentili (Icon)

Cortile dei Gentili

The Cortile dei Gentili is an initiative of the Pontifical Council to support children from disadvantaged areas. In 2019 the Foundation supported two of the main initiatives of the Cortile aimed at collecting funds in the cities of Milan and Rome. The Foundation also took part in the organisation of “Treno e della nave dei bambini”, an initiative in which 400 children from disadvantaged areas of Liguria, Sardinia and Campania were taken to meet the Pope.

Snam Foundation: Corvetto Adottami (Icon)

Corvetto Adottami

A three-year initiative involving local communities to contribute to the redevelopment and social development of the Corvetto district of Milan. The programme involves three areas: social innovation, fighting education poverty and improving the environment and energy efficiency. The project aims to consolidate existing initiatives in the area together with the Cariplo Foundation and, specifically with the “LacittàIntorno” and “Qubì” projects, with the Municipality of Milan and the network of local associations.

In 2019, workshops were launched for social inclusion at the Candia institute and activities were launched for directing and supporting young people not in education or at work (NEET*), and young people (aged between 14 and 17) at great risk of dropping out of school. In addition, in a joint project with a network of its regional parties and suppliers, Snam created the “Tappeto Volante” (Magic Carpet), an urban regeneration project that unites the Tommaso Grossi Institute with the Emilio Alessandrini Park.

In November 2019, on the Company Volunteering Day, Snam and the Foundation brought together over 60 people including colleagues, students of the Polytechnic and startuppers in a hackstorm dedicated to creating a sustainable business model for the social partnership committed to redeveloping the covered market in piazza Ferrara.

* Not Engaged in Education, Employment or Training

Snam Foundation: Employee Engagement & Volunteering Day (Icon)

Employee Engagement & Volunteering Day

In 2019, various initiatives were organised which led to Snam people making their expertise and efforts available to voluntary sector bodies as part of projects of the Foundation and specific initiatives such as “Volunteering Day”. The second edition of the latter was organised.

Compared with the previous year, participation was doubled, it lasted two weeks and was open to the families and friends of employees and Snam’s partners. 750 volunteers signed up, 600 of them employees and 150 family members, university students, start-ups, partners and suppliers. More than 6000 hours of volunteering were supplied to 70 organisations in the voluntary sector spread over 60 locations in Italy.

The Solidarity Award was introduced as part of “Volunteering Day” giving Snam volunteers the opportunity to choose one of the projects presented by the 8 organisations that received the greatest number of submissions, and allocating an extra contribution of €5,000. The AISM (Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla – Italian Association for Multiple Scelerosi) project “Senti come mi sento” (Feel like I feel) won the award.

In 2019, the Foundation doubled its contribution, collected through crowd funding initiatives, handed out money to 7 projects promoted by Snam employees, contributing a total of around €17.5 thousand. An incubation process to support a selected project was also funded.

Snam Foundation: ForestaMI (Icon)


The Snam Foundation supports the Municipality of Milan’s “Forestami” project aimed at planting 3 million trees by 2030 in two stages, with 2 million planted by 2026. This is a project on a vast scale that proposes to have a strong impact on increasing the Milan urban area and hinterland’s resilience to environmental stresses and the effects of global warming. Specifically, the Snam Foundation will plan strategic forestation activities in dedicated areas identified with the Municipality of Milan and will provide financial support to the initiative in partnership with Tep Energy Solutions.

Snam Foundation: Sprint! The school one step ahead (Icon)

Sprint! The school one step ahead

The Sprint! project promotes an alliance between schools, families and players in the area, such as voluntary sector bodies. The objective of the project is to create an experimental model to fight educational poverty for young people and prevent forms of hardship for children, removing the economic, social and cultural obstacles that prevent the educational processes from being fully exploited. In 2019 the project, co-funded with Impresa Sociale con i Bambini, was launched in the 3 cities involved: providing fun and recreational activities for parents and children in Palermo, organising sports activities in Milan and signing a memorandum of understanding for the modelling of good practices and the definition of the measures with the Municipality of Brindisi.

Snam Foundation: Welfare, che impresa! (Icon)

Welfare, che impresa!

A competition promoted by the Fondazione Italiana Accenture, the Snam Foundation, the Bracco Foundation, the Fondazione Con il Sud and UBI Banca, where 250 ideas were submitted, and 12 finalists were chosen. The Snam Foundation hosted a 2-day educational workshop at San Donato Milanese for the finalists and funded 2 of the winning start-ups with a financial prize and mentoring.

The 2 start-ups recognised by the Snam Foundation were “Playrech”, an urban game app for the redevelopment of cultural heritage and “Tailler delle Terre” which uses manufacturing waste to produce crockery.

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