Industrial relations

In 2019 Snam maintained ongoing relations with the Trade Unions both at a national and at a local level through many meetings dedicated to comparing various business development projects already consolidated and those launched recently.

Specifically, the “Integra” project concluded the integration journey between the commercial and physical Dispatching, optimising transportation and storage activities. The work of the “Smart Gas” and “Smart Gas Plants” projects technical committee continued, seeking a more rational scheduling of the operations with the objective of analysing the technical aspects of the projects. The “Tracking Vehicles” project was introduced through a trade union agreement that allowed the pool of vehicles involved in transportation activities to be fitted with a tracking device which is helpful to monitor the network and the assets in general.

Regarding the regasification business, meetings were held with the Trade Unions, nationally and locally, in order to share and discuss topics involving the business development.

The discussion continued for the definition of productivity and profitability indices for Performance-Related Pay for 2019 for all the Group companies and the good results for the 2018 bonus were recorded. All the Group companies signed the implementation agreement pursuant to Article 4 of Law 92/2012 for the early departure in 2019 of an additional 110 employees who were eligible. The parties signed the new trade union agreement on smart working methods extending it to the entire corporate population.

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46 disputes filed in 2018 are to be attributed to joint responsibility in procurement

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