Business activities management

The main policies that express Snam’s commitment are:

  • Sustainable development policy
  • Health, safety and environmental protection policy
  • Diversity & inclusion policy
  • Corporate Governance guideline
  • Enterprise Risk Management guideline
  • Risk Assurance & Integrated Compliance guideline
  • Snam Group Tax Strategy and Tax Cooperative Compliance guideline
  • Stakeholder involvement policy
  • Human Rights policy
  • Policy for the management of philanthropic activities and social initiatives
  • Anti-corruption guideline
  • Supply chain social policy

Business activities are managed in accordance with the organisational and procedural system applied across all Snam Group companies in Italy and abroad, created to ensure that the system of rules governing the business is clear, simple and organic.

In this context, and in line with its business model, Snam adheres to the UN Global Compact, the most important international sustainable development initiative, which aims to promote and disseminate ten global ethical principles concerning human rights, environmental protection, workers’ rights and anti-corruption. These principles come from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation Declaration on the fundamental principles and rights to work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and, lastly, the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

Of fundamental importance for the smooth operation of the organisational system is the allocation of specific objectives to each position of responsibility and on the transparent assessment of results, thereby enabling continual improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate processes.

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