Internal communication

Snam continues to promote direct and ongoing communication with its people, through an internal network of information flows aiming at disseminating information and know-how with the goal of making the Company’s goals clear and sharing them, bolstering team spirit and increasing the level of participation.

Communication in 2019 focused on the enrichment of contents and the introduction of new initiatives, information activities and formats and the involvement of people, also thanks to the collaboration with the Snam Foundation. This collaboration makes it possible to match social commitment with strengthening team building and relations between people in line with the company values.

In this context, the “Volunteering day” and the “Christmas with the family” initiatives continued, the first one with employees also being able to get friends and family involved in the initiative and the second one, which took place with the support of non-profit organisations, was dedicated to employees with children working in 11 different locations in Italy.

The “Match giving”initiative was also introduced, a financial solidarity activity in which the Snam Foundation doubles every monetary contribution made by employees.

As far as the information format is concerned, the spread of streaming and webinars for events has allowed the Snam Institute to develop a training initiative plan that is accessible to everyone through the company intranet with the objective of disseminating the issues of sustainability, talks on climate change to the open journey on the issues of Diversity & Inclusion and take an in-depth look into important themes through comparison with other companies or experts.

Channels and main internal communication activities in 2019

“Easy” the intranet portal

Hard copy instruments and video screens

Meetings for sharing and engagement

The portal is available to all the company personnel. It is a website for information and raising awareness and a tool for sharing know-how and moments of work.
In 2019 the “Agile re-design” project was launched for the creation of the new portal, which involved around 80 employees through focus group activities as they are the intended users.
The new version of the portal will be available from the second half of 2020.

The magazine “Energie” represents the company’s corporate identity and is the voice of the main events during the year. The spotlight in 2019 was on new businesses.
“Speciali Energie” (Energy Specials) are attached to the “Energie” magazine or distributed independently, focusing on specific topics.
As well as the “Osservatorio Domanda Gas” newsletter, with news, analysis and comments on gas demand, a new, two-monthly newsletter was created, InRete, about the transportation network activities.

With an Online Webinar presenting the strategic plan, the CEO illustrated the pillars of the new plan, directly answering the questions posed by employees.
“Auguri In Rete” is the end of year event with video-conferencing with the 10 Italian regional offices and the 4 foreign headquarters (Tirana, Athens, Vienna, Beijing). During the 2019 event, efforts were focused on corporate sustainability.
The Pulse Survey was sent to all employees to evaluate company initiatives. The results were presented to the CEO via a webinar and, later on, focus groups were organised, with 420 people involved to identify improvement measures.
The second edition of the initiative #Storiedivalore is part of the activities for communicating the company’s values and business purpose. The 4 colleagues winning the contest flew to Dublin and visited the Linkedin headquarter.

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