Direct CO2eq emissions (Scope 1)

Total direct GHG emissions Scope 1 (kt CO2eq)

Total direct GHG emissions Scope 1 (kt CO2eq) (Bar chart)

The direct emissions of CO2eq stood at around 1.35 million tonnes, a clear reduction compared with 2018 (-10%). CO2 emissions from combustion stood at around 0.656 million tonnes (-9.7% compared with 2018), while CO2eq emissions from methane and HFC emissions stood at around 0.69 million tonnes (-10.4% compared to 2018).

Natural gas emissions stood at 39.2 Mm3, a reduction compared with the figure of 44.4 Mm3 in 2018 (-11,7%).

The In-line gas recompression interventions, interventions with tapping machines, technology that makes it possible to disconnect pipelines in operation for new connections without an interruption to the service, and other initiatives have allowed Snam in 2019 to prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 9.4 million cubic metres of natural gas, equal to around 165,000 tonnes of CO2eq (+16% compared with the figure of 142,000 tonnes of CO2eq in 2018).

As a confirmation of the benefit of the measures taken, emissions of methane per kilometre of network for the transportation activities fell further (-12% compared to 2018 and -15.4% compared to 2017).

Methane emissions (t)

Methane emissions (t) (Bar chart)

Natural gas emissions (Mm3)

Natural gas emissions (Mm3) (Bar chart)

Methane emissions/network (t/km)

Methane emissions/network (t/km) (Bar chart)

The Company’s performance indicators are in line with its methane emission reduction targets. Specifically, in 2019 Snam increased its reduction target for CH4 emissions by 2025, from -25% in 2018 to -40%. The current situation is in line with this target (-19%).

Furthermore, in 2019 Snam recovered the 56% of natural gas emissions during maintenance activities, in line with its target of 33% per year by 2022.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPI description

KPI Year

KPI quantitative target

Target reached in 2019




Annual target reached (KPI with multiyear targets)


The KPI was reprogrammed with more challenging targets

Natural gas recovered over total potential emissions from maintenance activities


Recover at least 33% every year (up to 2022)




Limit natural-gas emissions (*)


Reduce emissions by -40% by 2025 compared to 2016


Transportation, Storage and Regasification


3) The measurement of CO2eq was carried out in accordance with the scientific study of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) “Fifth Assessment Report IPCC” which gave methane a Global Warming Potential (GWP) score of 28.

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