Gas market monitoring

Under the scope of its evaluations of the wholesale gas markets, the Authority gave a mandate to the Energy Market Operator, as far as competitive aspects of the gas market are concerned, and to Snam, as the leading transportation business, to support it with monitoring activities through: i) the preparation of an integrated database of transportation and balancing, storage and regasification services, made available to the Regulator and supplied on a daily basis; ii) availability of indices and scheduled reports as part of the balancing function, the balancing of the system and the flexibility of procurement sources; iii) further specific analyses at the request of the Authority.

Specifically, in 2019, according to its provisions, 15,600 data flows and periodic reports, as well as analyses conducted in relation to the services (transportation, storage and regasification) were sent over to the Authority in support of the Regulator’s activities. Agreements, manuals and dedicated technical specifications to manage these activities are shared with the GME and approved by the Authority.

Developments in Europe

In Europe there is an extensive discussion ongoing on the role of gas in the future energy mix and how the new renewable energy vectors (green gases) can support the energy transition process.

In 2019, the European Commission launched numerous studies and analyses to identify a package of measures, outlined in the European Green Deal in December 2019, aimed at the total decarbonisation by 2050. Specifically, the main expected development for the gas infrastructures involve the possibility of embracing renewable gases and supporting the energy system jointly with the electricity sector (sector coupling).

Snam played an active role in this process making contributions, both through the industry associations it is a member of (e.g. ENTSO-G, Gas Infrastructure Europe and Hydrogen Europe), and directly, through the development of specific evaluations based on the requirements received from the European Commission and European Regulators (CEER/ACER).

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