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Welfare GRI - G4: EC3, LA2

Snam’s corporate welfare system is a well-structured group of tools and services that aim to improve the work/life balance and, more generally, the quality of the working system.

Snam’s welfare system is based on a long tradition of caring about people. It uses the most progressive experiences of the biggest Italian companies as a yardstick for growth and change.

The most traditional and well-established elements of the corporate welfare system are: worker’s compensation and additional non-work-related insurance cover in addition to required cover; supplemental health assistance that provides reimbursement of expenses incurred for health-related and hospital services at government and private facilities; and supplementary pension funds, which, in most cases are also funded by the company.

The model is continually updated to take account of changes in recent years and to ensure high satisfaction levels. The project dedicated to welfare follows three guidelines: introducing new initiatives targeted at emerging needs; preparing actions tailored to the requirements of the various corporate population groups and making people more aware, informed and involved.

Other initiatives and services for staff have also been established in the key areas of: family, health, time and space, savings and relationships.




Intervention area



  • Summer beach or mountain outings.
  • Themed outings for adolescents focusing on English language studies, sports and respect for nature.
  • Nursery school: a centre of excellence in terms of both its teaching and its architecture that includes a crèche and a nursery school that cater for employees’ children aged 0 to 6 years, allowing parents to have a better work/life balance (operational at San Donato Milanese since September 2010).
  • Purchase of discounted textbooks.

Health and wellbeing

  • Promoting health: early cancer detection programme in cooperation with the Italian League against Cancer and with participating health facilities, and agreements with some health centres on hospital and outpatient services.
  • Special health check-up programmes for managers.
  • Wellbeing programme: Snam offers the opportunity to engage in physical activities at selected and approved sports centres in the vicinity of the office buildings, at preferential membership rates.
  • Meals: Snam is committed to providing high quality in corporate catering, using services that ensure the use of first-rate ingredients, keep the nutritional value in the preparation process and maintain the quality of the environments and facilities where the service is provided. Take-away is another attractive option, allowing employees to save time by reserving dishes to eat at home.
  • Joining the Workplace Health Programme initiative. Good practices course launched by the Region of Lombardy and carried out with the scientific support of ASL and the collaboration of capable physicians.

Time and space

  • Many offices offer flexible timing for arriving/leaving/meal breaks (according to job and workplace type).
  • Employees may be offered flexitime (according to job and workplace type) and a working hours account so that, if authorised, they can recover overtime (according to job and workplace type).
  • The Company offers assistance with filling in 730 tax forms.
  • Since September 2013, the “Partenza da case” [Leaving home] programme has been in effect for technical staff. This procedure stipulates that employees should go directly, using their company vehicle, to the first location assigned to them to carry out their work, rather than going to their operating centre. This innovative procedure represents a growth driver for the Snam Group in the medium and long term, increasing efficiency margins in the operating structure, boosting competitiveness and at the same time reducing travel times between the home and the workplace and creating an optimum work/life balance.

Saving and relationships

  • Snam personnel are offered preferential terms for obtaining personal loans, insurance policies and credit cards, hiring cars, buying name-brand products or booking holidays. Employees have the opportunity to enjoy free or reduced-cost tickets to visit museums and exhibitions or attend concerts and operas.

In order to offer a set of services and initiatives that is increasingly in line with employee expectations, in recent years a study was completed of welfare services with the following structure: an analysis of the corporate population and the resulting identification of needs with an assessment of services currently provided, and construction of a priority map (November 2013); refinement of the map with the direct involvement of employees in specific focus groups with the goal of identifying needs to implement new services (January-February 2014); a thorough study of the effectiveness and efficiency of existing services, and resulting proposal for a new, broader welfare package (end of 2014).

The new welfare programme will be aimed at proposing new services and expanding existing services.

In 2014, Snam rewarded employees with 25 years of service, as it does every year. This time 290 people reached the target and received a gold medal and fuel vouchers as recognition of this achievement and their individual contributions to the Company’s growth. Of the 290 people who received the award, 25 were from Snam, 74 were from Snam Rete Gas, 160 from Italgas, 7 from Stogit, 2 from GNL Italia and 22 from Napoletanagas.

Talent Days

This initiative targets employees’ children aged 16 to 29 and involves the participation of 164 young people in orientation days in Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples.

The young people were able to participate in inter-company workshops structured to give them an IT and training orientation on the labour market and on the selection of a university through: discussion groups, self-assessments, simulated work talks, completion of a resume and specialised research portals.

Certain HR Directors and HR Managers from various businesses made their knowledge, expertise and experience available to provide the young people practical advice on the best way to address their career path.

In future years, the initiative will also be extended to other cities.

Summer camps

Each year, employees’ children are offered the option of participating in theme-centred summer camps focusing on sports, appreciating nature and the study of English. The initiative is provided free of charge, with only a small contribution for any personal expenses. Summer camp programme activities, which are prepared and finalised partly with the contribution that participants and their parents offer each year in satisfaction surveys, offer several activities in various areas of sports, knowledge of the environment and artistic expression.

In 2014, the activities were concentrated at Cesenatico and Piani di Luzza in the province of Udine (in an in-house workshop dedicated to mountains, nature and hiking).

The Summer Camp 2014 was again held at Castagneto Carducci (in the province of Livorno) where classroom lessons were held as well as theme-based workshops and games, and excursions and parties to get the children involved.

Sustainable commuting

The “Plans for Commuting from Home to Work (PSCL)” were first carried out at the San Donato/Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples facilities. Employee commutes were analysed by studying: available systems that provide public transportation; methods of commuting from home to work; employees’ commuting habits and wishes; accessibility of the various facilities covered by the analysis.

The PSCL also established an action plan capable of affecting the type and quality of commutes. The measures taken concerned: the information service on commuting (INFOMOBILITY) through the adoption of a dedicated computer-based tool with the assistance of an interactive map that can be accessed directly from the company’s intranet portal; the launch of a CAR POOLING initiative with a dedicated computer-based tool made available; the execution of several agreements to purchase services/products for commuting.

Snam has continued to offer its employees at the main worksites the ability to purchase subsidised passes for public transportation. Over 300 people have purchased passes during the year from the company’s portal.

In the area of the San Donato Milanese headquarters, the Company also provides a shuttle service from the metropolitan train station to the worksites.

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