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Snam generates “good employment opportunities”: in fact, it is a capital-intensive company with a presence throughout most of Italy, and it performs expert and specialised activities and offers stable, continuing employment.

Workers at Snam must have the skills to manage increasingly complex technologies, control systems, procedures and IT systems, and in addition, the strategic development projects of European networks require a further enhancement of technical and managerial skills in order to address the new complexities that will be faced when moving into international environments.

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29 workers were employed in 2014 under staff leasing contracts.


The number includes local foreign contracts with positions similar to Executives.

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Middle managers




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Manual workers








Communication as a mechanism to promote change

Internal communication is an essential mechanism for promoting the participation of individuals in the growth of their business activities. Internal communication is also strategically important since it is able to create and distribute value through an improvement in the company’s credibility and by increasing the sense of belonging felt by its people.

Communication targeting people in the Group aims to be an “agent of change” by affecting values, suggesting new visions, contributing to change in the corporate culture and encouraging new behaviour.

There has been a particular focus on the set of instruments used to communicate, with the launch of a coordinated change plan with the following characteristics: content that more completely meets the needs expressed by individuals using tools that promote better knowledge of the company (company strategies, organisational and technological innovations, etc.); a more immediate communication style with direct, journalistic and less institutional language; more space dedicated to individuals and life in the company; greater use of videos to broadcast experiences, initiatives and company events; more space dedicated to innovations, and especially welfare experiences and initiatives; “listening” to grasp the information needs expressed by individuals (especially using surveys on specific issues); communication of news, results and innovations of individual companies and organisational units.

New energy for Snam: the “Young people with engineering degrees” project

In addition to promoting a change in the mix of human resources, the “Young people with engineering degrees” project is aimed at preparing young engineers to take on positions of responsibility through a specific professional training course. Thus, over a period of three years, the young engineers will change their activities and goals and type and place of work multiple times, and at the same time will follow a training procedure broken down into several areas (economics, business, conduct and professional areas) consisting of on-the-job training, field visits, classroom courses and orientation and motivational talks.

At the end of the three-year period, the young engineers will be assigned to the most appropriate businesses in terms of planned needs and the attitudes and skills developed, with a development course aimed at promoting integration, internal mobility and a new Snam Group identity.

In addition to the young graduates that already work in the Group, 40 new young graduates in the following engineering disciplines were added between the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014: mechanical, electrical, energy, environmental and regional, management and civil engineering.







The Group intranet serves as a dynamic reporting tool for all Snam’s employees, but also as a forum for sharing and learning. Its main purpose is to distribute news, launch projects, develop initiatives and cover current issues in greater depth. In 2014 the home page’s coverage alternated between “breaking” news, “key” issues, the launch of company initiatives and pop-ups; innovations were introduced on the portal such as galleries with videos and photos as a tool to provide coverage of company experiences and events with the typical immediacy of images. To carry on with one of the company’s main innovations, a site fully dedicated to the issue of performance management was created on the intranet. Through the use of video and computer graphics, a new way of effectively supporting company processes was introduced.

A dedicated team was established to create a “new intranet” to make changes so the portal can become the main point of contact with the company in order to spread its identity. The new portal will be available and usable in 2015.


“Sapernedi+” is a traditional communications initiative aimed at the widespread dissemination of the company’s values and strategies, and sharing issues, problems and solutions of individual organisational units. In 2014 nearly 4,900 employees (about 81% of the Group’s workforce) participated in this initiative. About 220 meetings were held at company offices throughout Italy. Once again, this made it possible to reach all centres, operating facilities, districts, plants and all the Group’s organisational units.

Newsletter, brochure and other literature

In order to involve all personnel, including those difficult to reach with the computer network, Snam makes and uses paper tools: from the in-house publication “Energie”, to the newsletter “Obiettivo Sicurezza News” to brochures on useful topics. In 2014, the magazine “Energie”, which is sent to all employees, covered changes involving the company, and with the publication of “Speciali di Energie” [Special Energy-Related Issues], in-depth coverage was provided of several issues of particular importance for Snam’s employees (sustainability and promotion of health in the workplace). Posters and window bills then reach all the company’s facilities through images, references and slogans in order to highlight initiatives (e.g., competitions, surveys), opportunities (e.g., summer camps for children of employees) and significant issues (e.g., work safety).

Executive meetings

These provide the opportunity to reflect on key events in business operations, and to ensure adequate information and constant involvement and assumption of responsibility with regard to corporate strategies and objectives.

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Breaking news items on the intranet portal




Launches and facts on the intranet portal




Videos distributed online




Help from the network: becoming a volunteer

Now in its fourth edition, over the course of a year, the Snam Group’s company volunteer initiative, “Un aiuto dalla rete” [Help from the network] involved a growing number of associations. The support to CESVI (an Italian non-governmental organisation engaged in fighting poverty in 31 countries worldwide) and to Le Stelle di Lorenzo (a national association dedicated to helping seriously ill infants requiring prolonged medical treatment) was renewed, and collaboration was also started with the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC), the ANT Foundation (a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing free, home-based social and medical assistance to cancer patients and preventive services), and the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer (LILT). This initiative also increased the number of offices involved, which now total 5: Rome, Naples, San Donato Milanese, Turin and Crema.

The initiative involved about 70 people for a total of over 360 hours of volunteer work, and about €7,000 was raised.

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