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Commitments and actions in the area of materiality
GRI - G4: 2, 14, 19, 35, 36, 37

Materiality is the interpretation that enhances the Group’s sustainability strategy.

Last year, in response to requests from the new G4 reporting guidelines of the GRI, Snam updated the assessment of issues that historically fall under its sustainability area to focus on the most important issues by combining the suggestions of the company’s management with the stakeholders’ point of view. The analysis of materiality was submitted to the GRI, and it obtained the Materiality Matters.

The analysis of materiality was updated at the time of publication of this edition of the Sustainability Report, and especially the part concerning the analysis of the market environment and pressures on the company. The result, in the form of the materiality grid, confirmed material issues that had already been identified, in relation to which Snam intends to consistently strengthen its commitment and focus its reporting to stakeholders. The analysis process will be further enhanced in 2015 during a phase of direct meetings with the Group’s external stakeholders, who will also be asked to express a relevant opinion on material issues.

The sustainability goals, which are submitted for the approval of top management and included in business plans, make reference to material and relevant issues, and are pursued through specific short- and medium-term projects and initiatives, which are in turn included in the operational plans of all company units. Snam’s Sustainability unit is a part of this continuing improvement: it disseminates incentives to all levels of the organisation, coordinates progress on the Sustainability Plan, contributes directly to several projects, monitors their results, which are then stated in the Sustainability Report, and lastly, oversees communications to stakeholders.


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