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2014 Highlights

Blue and yellow chalkboard art, showing the sun, clouds and a deer standing on a hill (Image)

TAG acquired and memorandum signed with Fluxys to enhance Snam’s international growth in Europe

Underpinning our development strategy with €1.31 billion in technical investments

Over 1,570 supply contracts entered into for a total of €1.17 billion

Forty-five agreements entered into with customers to create connections for new gas delivery/redelivery points on the transportation network

Snam is included on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the sixth consecutive year

Snam awarded Financial Statement Oscar for “Listed Companies and Large Businesses” category

185 new employees hired from the market (40% with university degrees and 60% holding secondary school diplomas)

93% of company workers involved in training activities: average of 29 hours of training provided per employee

Further reduction in employee and Contractors accident frequency indices

Shared value: Company garden started at km zero at the Terranuova Bracciolini plant

The first edition of the educational project “Stories that Tell the Future” for schools

Snam recognised as best Italian company in terms of transparency and governance in the director appointment process

Around 104,000 tonnes of CO2eq was avoided due to energy management measures

Four new DLE turbines placed in operation and nitrous oxide emissions reduced by 41%

Biodiversity. Over 1,050 km of environmental monitoring completed on the network and 124 km of plant care was carried out

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