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Survey involved all categories of stakeholders.
More than 1000 subjects reached and 305 respondents.


Distribution of added value

We distributed €2,242 million of added value to stakeholders.


People: employment and development

97% of permanent contract.
382 people joined the Company (297 hired from the labor market).
85% of our employees took part in training activities.


Supply Chain

We had more than 1,380 supply contracts worth a total of €1.89 billion.
910 active suppliers, of which 619 are SMEs.
93% of suppliers are Italian.


Local area and environment

More than €165 million spent for environmental protection,
sponsorships and local initiatives.
More than 240 km of environmental restoration
and more than 1,000 km of environmental monitoring.
Avoided 141,000 tonnes of CO2eq.

  • Materiality
  • Distribution
    of added value
  • People: employment
    and development
  • Supply
  • Local area
    and environment
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