ESG Highlights


Natural gas emission -7.9% vs. 2016 (base year) new target -25% to 2025

Avoided 154,800 tonnes of CO2eq (+87% vs 2017)

445 km of environmental monitoring (+14% vs 2017) and 227 km of environmental restoration (+11% vs. 2017)

More than
4,000 km of network subjected to geological inspections and more 18,400 km of network inspected by helicopter


Employees and contractors accidents -36% vs. 2017 Lowest values ever reached

107,700 hours of training provided (+26% vs. 2017)

More than 470 people took advantage of smart working for a total of 62,930 hours

2,000 hours of company volunteering with the participation of 300 employees


2,074 reputational checks on suppliers and sub- contractors (+14% vs. 2017)

8 management systems adopted and certified for new companies that entered the scope of consolidation

The social supply chain policy for the inclusion of social enterprises in the supply chain was published

Snam stock was confirmed for the tenth year in a row, confirmed in DJSI World

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