Industrial relations

In 2018, the relationship with the trade union organisations at a national and local level was characterised by several meetings regarding plans for business evolution and new organisational structures, following the acquisition of Cubogas.

As regards transportation and storage, the integration process created by the Integra project continued to integrate the cross sectoral activities of the operational companies in order to develop and exploit specific skills.

In 2018,



were held between the
company and the union
representatives (OO.SS.
and RSU)

Regarding the transportation business, the Smart Gas technical committee’s work continued, seeking for a more rational scheduling of the operations with the goal of analysing the technical aspects of the project. A technical commission was launched for the “Smart Gas Plants” project with the aim of analysing technical issues relating to this further technical-organisational development.

In the regasification business, meetings were held with the trade unions, at national and local level, aimed at sharing and comparing the issues concerning the evolution of the business.

The bargaining dynamics, consistent with the provisions of the 2013 Industrial Relations Protocol, whose reasoning were imbued with the concept of strengthening second-level negotiations, led the Parties to define productivity and profitability indicators for the 2018 Participation Bonus for all Snam Group companies.

In addition, all the Snam Group companies signed the agreement implementing former Article 4 Law 92/2012 for the early departure in 2019 of further 110 employees in possession of the requirements.

Electronic ticketing was introduced at group level in all the regional operating premises through a trade union agreement.

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Labour disputes (no.)






46 grievances filed in 2018 are to be attributed to joint responsibility in procurement contracts.

Total disputes pending as at 31.12




Opened during the year




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