The web portal dedicated to suppliers

In 2018, thanks to its consolidated know-how in the management of complex contracts, Snam operated for the first time in the United Kingdom as Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC contractor), simultaneously managing the procurement of materials, engineering and plant construction (gas turbines).

There is a special Snam web platform available to suppliers. This portal is the main tool through which the Company implements its procurement policy, making it totally transparent and traceable, with full information available. Suppliers and candidates get in touch with Snam through this tool where the documents, best practices, updates on the processes and procedures regulating qualification and procurement activities and full details are available (more than 470 thousand pages were read during the year).

There is also a dedicated reserved area available to suppliers, containing information involving them directly (product sectors for which they are qualified, active contracts, performance in terms of workplace safety, notifications for invoicing the services provided).

The supplier portal is a tool that is constantly developing and growing: the new functionalities introduced year after year make it more efficient and stimulate how often it is used when interacting with Snam.

The increase in the main measurement indices demonstrates that the portal is well appreciated among suppliers:

  • over 2,000 registered suppliers
  • 1,410 users accessed it at least once
  • 1,033 content items added by Snam users and Suppliers
  • 11,737 email communications sent to Suppliers
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