Protecting the climate and the air

With regard to environmental protection, Snam spent approximately €100.3 million (€89.2 million on investments and €11.1 million on operating costs).
In 2018 approximately €0.4 million were allocated to the territory as donations and sponsorships and about €2.3 million in environmental compensation.

The fight against climate change and the land and biodiversity protection are the challenges at the centre of the work of many companies that strive to combine the objectives of business and social responsibility. When creating new infrastructures and managing the existing ones, Snam has a tight, transparent, collaborative and constructive approach to ensure the environmental compatibility of the sites and to facilitate the stakeholders’ acceptance.

Snam is present, through its infrastructure, in almost all the country’s regions, in areas and communities that vary in terms of culture, traditions and economic, social and environmental conditions.

Protecting the environment, biodiversity, and the territory are integral parts in defining Snam’s corporate policies and investment decisions.

All of the Snam’s activities are monitored by certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001).

Natural gas is an energy source that can guarantee a pathway to decarbonisation at a national and European level. Snam is investing to develop the infrastructures necessary to enhance the security of energy supplies, to facilitate the creation of an European market and to promote the use of compressed natural gas in the transportation sector, to increase the use of liquefied natural gas and biomethane.

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