The balancing of the system

Thanks to the development of the Snam services over the last ten years, the Italian gas market has seen constant growth in the transportation operators, passing from 30 in 2003 to almost 200.

In 2018, 88 connection contracts were signed for the construction of new delivery/redelivery points (of which 14 are for biomethane injection) or the upgrading of existing points.

In 2018, the integration process which brought together the commercial management activities of the three transport, storage and regasification businesses within one single organisation allowing the optimisation of processes within Snam.

A project was implemented in this respect which integrates know-how and improves performance: a single Commercial Control Room for the management of daily gas deliveries and movements, as well as the balancing of the network, activities which define Snam’s responsibilities to the market.

The main activities of the Control Room, which operates 24/7 overseeing the Italian gas system, include the balancing of the system which has a dual purpose: physical and commercial.

The physical balancing of the system consists of a set of operations through which the Snam Dispatching Center controls real time flow parameters (capacity and pressure) in order to ensure that gas moves safely and efficiently from the injection points to the withdrawal points.

Commercial balancing, on the other hand, consists of the activities required to correctly schedule, account for and allocate the transported gas, as well as the fee system that encourages customers to maintain a balance between the volumes they inject into and withdraw from the network.

Snam receives requests for transport and storage capacities from its customers on a daily basis. In confirming the request, the Control Room complies with, among other things, the specific disclosure requirements of the Balancing Network Code (UE Regulation 312/2014) such as the daily publication, on the Snam website, of the information on the balancing status of the system, as well as the publication, twice a day and for each shipper, of information on withdrawals measured during the course of the gas day. The New Commercial Control Room pursues and facilitates the objective of improving the quality of service provided to customers thereby also reducing management times. In this way customers who, according to the Balancing Network Code, are responsible for the daily balancing of their positions, receive adequate information to evaluate their status and, if necessary, undertake actions aimed at correcting any imbalances.

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