Market engagement activities

The customer care initiatives represent the consolidation of a sustainability process through which the Company aims to increase the involvement and interaction with customers in order to achieve a constant improvement in the quality of the offered services.

Codes list a number of indicators for monitoring the quality of service offered by the companies. Regarding these indicators, Snam maintained a good performance in 2018 as well. One part of these indicators, which refers to specific levels of business quality, generates an automatic claim for customers in the event of a failure in the service quality standards.

Five commercial workshops were held in 2018 (plus one on biomethane) aimed at comparing the functioning of balancing and market mechanisms. In particular, the meetings provided the opportunity to discuss innovations and the progress of balancing and transportation, storage and regasification, as well as providing feedback on the process of the updating of IT systems.

At the Partners’ Day, which took place in November, a debate was held, as part of the commercial issues, on digital transformation in the gas industry, block chain and new technologies.

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