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Geographic breakdown of procurement in Italy (%)

Geographic breakdown of procurement in Italy (%) (Pie chart)

At the end of 2018 1,465 suppliers had been qualified and 611 suppliers were in the process of renewing their qualifications or newly qualifying.
Snam’s suppliers are mostly small and medium-sized Italian enterprises (SMES) located in almost every region of the country, consistent with the company’s distribution throughout the territory. In 2018, the SMEs to which Snam assigned work amounted to 399 out of a total of 540 active suppliers. Approximately 753 supply contracts were stipulated, 61% of which in favour of SMEs, for a total of approximately €1,520 million (+80% compared with 2017) of which more than 92% were in Italy and 8% in Europe. The change in the amount procured compared to the previous year should take into account the cyclical nature of the procurement process. During the year about 20 contracts were stipulated for new activities abroad, worth approximately €6.5 million, giving a strong boost to the internationalisation process. The above mentioned data do not include the newly acquired companies: TEP, IES Biogas and Cubogas.

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Procurement (millions of euros)






the value of the procurement is calculated assigning the entire value of each contract in the year it was concluded.

Procurement value*




The Company’s works categories (goods, services and works) are classified based on their level of criticality (A, B, C, D), according to the technological complexity and the impact on Snam’s performance. Classes A and B are the most critical levels and mainly involve activities relating to the core business. In 2018, 71% of procurement concerned these two classes involving 128 suppliers. The most significant of the goods purchased was steel (pipes, valves, connectors, etc.) with more than 46,400 tonnes supplied.

2018 Procurement (Pie charts)
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