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Area of relevance


Actions carried out in 2012

In this Report

Actions to be implemented
under 2013-2016 Plan

Business ethics


Snam Rete Gas issued Code of Ethics.


Disseminate the principles and content of the Code of Ethics, Model 231 and anti-corruption and anti-trust policy, via training courses and specific initiatives.

Revise the body of regulations to include, in all key processes, rules on anti-corruption and the defence of human rights.

Develop legal compliance protocols.

Verify, through business intelligence surveys, respect for human rights and compliance with anti-corruption regulations by third parties (suppliers and customers).

Participate actively in the working groups promoted by the Global Compact.


All of the group’s Codes of Ethics published under the new corporate identity and delivered directly to all employees.

Corporate governance


Management System Guidelines (MSG) on anti-corruption and anti-trust matters adopted.

Corporate governance,
Relations with the regulator


Specific training continued, with 2,268 hours delivered (Code of Ethics, Model 231, anti-corruption, anti-trust) with 595 attendances.

Developing and making the most of human capital


Continued participation in activities promoted under Global Compact.

Global Compact activities

Sustainability model


Sustainable development policy updated.

A year of sustainability

Keep active, implement and update the corporate sustainable development model, ensure adequate supervision of matters relating to sustainability.


Corporate regulations on “sustainability activity” updated.



Continued development of “Shared Value” approach.

The shared value approach

Risk and crisis


New Business Continuity Management policy published.


Ensure a continuous cycle of improvement in the Crisis Management Model.

Ensure a continuous cycle of improvement in the Business Continuity Management system and obtaining certification for this system.

Implement an Enterprise Risk Management System to help senior management to identify, measure, manage and monitor key risks that could affect the achievement of strategic objectives.


Business Continuity Management procedure issued.



Business Continuity management system adopted.

Service security, continuity and quality


Crisis Management Model created and adopted.



Procedure issued containing final instructions for identifying and managing emergency/crisis situations.


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Area of relevance


Actions carried out in 2012

In this Report

Actions to be implemented
under 2013-2016 Plan

to people


Internal climate survey carried out (Snam group).

Jobs and industrial relations

Analyse the results of the climate survey. Plan and implement appropriate improvement actions.

Internal communication


Periodical newsletter, Energie, which follows corporate and market developments, was distributed to all employees.


Reinforce cascading communication of corporate objectives, and enhance information channels with the support of the intranet.


Speciali di Energie, a supplement to the newsletter that looks in more depth at group regulations, rules and procedures, was published.

Internal engagement


More than 50 news items on results, the group’s future goals, sustainability, occupational safety and corporate events were published.


Initiatives in favour of employees


Programmes continued to ensure continuity of the corporate welfare system following unbundling of the Snam group from Eni.

Company welfare

Review current welfare services/initiatives and propose solutions for improvement.


The intranet section on Services to Personnel, wholly dedicated to the corporate welfare, was updated.


Health and safety


Awareness and involvement initiatives under the “Objective: Safety” plan continued.

Health and safety

Develop the “Objective: Safety” project, launching joint initiatives by all the group companies.

Define training initiatives and specific communication plans.

Maintain the OHSAS 18001 certifications obtained.

Create IT applications to support HS processes.

Develop safety awareness initiatives for suppliers.

Enter the accident frequency indices for employees and contractors into the system of corporate and personal performance indicators.

OHSAS 18001 certifications obtained for Snam, GNL Italia and Stogit.

Management systems,
Health and safety


Training activities continued, with 26,959 hours delivered and 4,062 attendances.

Health and safety


Snam Rete Gas suppliers were involved in the issue of safety, with the “My safety is your safety” workshop.

Health and safety


Safety prize for suppliers established by Italgas.

Health and safety

Valuing people


Verification and optimisation of competitive positioning and fairness in remuneration practices for managerial and professional human resources.


Implement a growth pathway for young, recently recruited graduates, to create opportunities for meeting and integration.

Research new tools for rewarding according to fulfilment of business and personal objectives.

Adopt systems to identify and promote managers with strategic know-how and managers under 40.

Pursue activities designed to increase personnel skill assets, maintaining a high level of involvement.


648 jobs assessed and approved on the basis of Complexity, Responsibility, Experience and Autonomy (CREA).

Developing and making the most of human capital


Individual business and sustainability objectives assigned to senior executives and managers.


160,771 hours of training delivered in total, with 15,639 attendances.


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Area of relevance


Actions carried out in 2012

In this Report

Actions to be implemented
under 2013-2016 Plan

Relations with rating agencies and bondholders


Took part in the surveys of the main financial and sustainability rating agencies.

Sustainability indices

Consolidate relations with the rating agencies and implement disclosure to bondholders.


Launched a communication process for bondholders and market analysts.

Shareholder relations


Communication activities were pursued to allow shareholders and the financial market to assess the Company’s value creation levers.

Financial performance

Increase disclosure to institutional and retail investors.

Publish and present the Remuneration Report to the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.

Customer relations


Activities for implementation of the web portals continued.

Service security, continuity and quality

Develop and apply methods to measure customer satisfaction levels and main high service quality.


Storage and transportation customer satisfaction surveys carried out.

Relations with communities and regions


A green space by the sea near Porto Venere, owned by Snam and environmentally rehabilitated, was opened to the community.

Local issues and the environment

Organise occasions for meeting and dialogue with the region.

Apply models and/or instruments to measure the acceptability of infrastructure in the region.


Initiatives to assist the Emilia Romagna region after the earthquake events were supported.

Service security, continuity and quality,
Local issues and the environment,
Internal engagement


Spaces in the Italgas Museum were made available for the “Thursday Laboratories” educational initiative.

Local issues and the environment

Plant open days were organised.

Local issues and the environment


The book Sentieri sostenibili.
Il Parco dei Nebrodi (Sustainable Paths, Parco dei Nebrodi) was produced.



Preventative meetings held to present new development projects.

Infrastructure sustainability,

Supplier relations

Monitoring of critical suppliers continued.

Supply chain: responsible dialogue

Increase information on corporate and environmental responsibility to prevent risks and harm to image and reputation.

Activate and promote involvement actions, with a partnership approach, to improve corporate and environmental services.


Dissemination of the principles of the Global Compact continued.



Project launched to revamp the supplier portal with a specific area for sustainability.

Supply chain: responsible dialogue


New agreements signed on the dissemination of legal compliance protocols.

Supply chain: responsible dialogue

Relations with institutions and associations


Institutional relations maintained, in a more autonomous way, after the change to the new ownership structure.


Define guidelines for relations with public administrations in line with changes in the ownership structure.

Design and plan innovative tools for meeting and comparison with public administrations and institutional decision-makers.


Snam/Confindustria autonomy agreement signed.

Local issues and the environment


Increase in number of associations to which Snam belongs.


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Area of relevance


Actions carried out in 2012

In this Report

Actions to be implemented
under 2013-2016 Plan



Sites identified for installation of new phytoremediation plants.

Other environmental performance

Reduce withdrawals and rationalise water discharges.



Environmental restoration, cultivation treatments and environment monitoring continued.


Integrate existing documentation on planning and construction of plants (compression stations) with operating instructions on biodiversity.



Water monitoring and pumping took place.

Other environmental performance

Pursue reclamation activities for environmental recovery of polluted sites.

Climate change and energy efficiency

Gas recompression took place for natural gas recovery.

Carbon footprint and energy efficiency

Reduce natural gas emissions.

Optimise energy consumption and increase the use of energy from renewable sources, including through purchasing quotas.

Help to develop CO2 capture studies.

Carry out a feasibility analysis to estimate amounts of indirect CO2 produced by company activities (scope 3).

Enhance the videoconferencing system.

Replacement of pneumatic gas valves at some plants.


Replacement of cast-iron pipes continued.


Photovoltaic plants installed on self-owned buildings.


Supply of electricity from renewable sources increased for the two-year period 2013/2014.

Atmospheric emissions

Programmes for installation of DLE turbines continued.

Other environmental performance

Install low-emission turbines and equipment.

Noise emissions


Noise abatement monitoring and actions carried out.

Other environmental performance

Monitor the most exposed plants and plan potential soundproofing actions.



New planting took place.


Reduce visual impact in the area of the wells.

Management systems


All existing ISO 14001 standards maintained.

Management systems

Implement energy management system.

Extend ISO 14001 certification to the whole of SRG.

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