ESG Scorecard

The growing importance of non-financial aspects in determining company strategies, the consideration given to ESG issues by investors and the interest all stakeholders have in the company’s operating methods have always driven Snam to work to measure the impact its business has on the areas in which it works. In fact, Snam monitors over 140 KPIs relative to ESG aspects, many of which supported by multi-year targets. With the aim of redefining its own priorities for the future, modelling the company culture and improving its non-financial reporting, the Company has further strengthened the process used to define its targets.

Through the ESG Scorecard, Snam has again strengthened its business model with an eye to achieving the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030, creating a scorecard of objectives for 2021-2023, focussed on thirteen ESG areas of import to both the company and the stakeholders. These are three-year objectives and the scorecard will be monitored and reviewed annually. Through this tool, the Group intends to provide the utmost transparency relative to the most important environmental, social and governance aspects, with a process that involves all the relevant functions of the Company and its subsidiaries with an eye to continuous improvement and constant dialogue with stakeholders and the market.


The holistic approach adopted by Snam with regards to the environment leads the company to commit itself, beyond the fight against to climate change, to protecting habitats and biodiversity, adopting the best practices to protect and support the areas in which its infrastructure is found.

Its environmental commitments can be seen in its goal to reduce natural gas leaks, as well as in all the targets relative to energy efficiency, development of new business, green innovation and protection of biodiversity.


Employees, local communities and suppliers are stakeholders which are increasingly central to Snam’s strategy, because only with their participation is it possible to achieve the challenging strategic objectives the Group has set itself for the coming years. Also in the light of the Covid-19 emergency, the Company has strengthened activities already in place for years, intended to spread a culture that defends individuals in their complexity, protecting mental and physical health and promoting diversity and development in an inclusive environment, as well as activities to improve the quality of life in local communities and to sustainably manage its supply chain. These commitments can be seen in the structure corporate welfare system that meets the needs of Snam employees and their families, in corporate volunteering and community engagement initiatives, carried out in part through cooperation with Fondazione Snam, and in the support offered to the Italian economy and small and medium enterprises (SME), through specific involvement of local suppliers.


Legality, integrity, reliability of services and efficiency in network management are the key words that serve as the basis for the actions and projects implemented by Snam, which is committed to creating targets that make its business transparent, responsible and valuable. These objectives take the form of specific actions intended to guarantee infrastructure reliability and service quality are at high levels, to bring ESG issues to decision-making processes and induction sessions for the Board of Directors, and to carry out careful reputation checks to evaluate risks associated with the supply chain, fighting against any active or passive corruption identified.

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