Snam’s reports


Describes governance, strategy and scenarios, risks and opportunities, metrics and targets to manage climate change, in line with recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


Provides detailed information about the company, its governance structure, the ownership structure, the internal control and risk management system and related topics.


Illustrates the Policy adopted by the Company for remuneration of Directors and Executives, specifying the purposes, bodies involved, procedures used for its adoption and implementation in addition to the remuneration paid.


Presents performance and future objectives relative to environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), strengthening the relationship and cooperation with all Company stakeholders.

Annual Report

“Integrated reporting means integrated thinking”, this is the foundation behind Snam’s reporting which for several years now has been involved in integrating its reporting processes. The approach is intended to respond to all stakeholder requests through company reporting which is widespread, transparent and complete, as well as responsible. Thanks to the publication of various specific reports, Snam provides a detailed and in-depth overview of its annual activities, performance and challenges.

The Annual Report, which includes the Directors’ Report, represents Snam’s Integrated Report, prepared following the Framework guidelines proposed by IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council), which Snam has followed since 2015. In addition to the Directors’ Report, the document also contains the Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory Financial Statements.

The purpose of the Directors’ Report is to represent, in addition to annual results, Snam’s model for creating sustainable value over the medium/long-term, highlighting existing connections between strategy, economic/financial performance and the social, environmental and economic situation in which the Group functions. The aspects dealt with in the Directors’ Report represent the main factors which may influence its economic/financial performance and their impacts on sustainability issues which are material for the Group.

The schedules below (Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory Financial Statements) facilitate reconciliation of the various methods of reading proposed by the IIRC Framework and the contents of the Directors’ Report. Additionally, the Directors’ Report also contains the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (“Declaration” or “NFS”), prepared in compliance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016. The NFS, which constitutes a specific section of the Report, contains information on company management and organisational methods, policies used, risks and methods used to manage the same, as well as information on performance with regards to sustainability issues of relevance to the Group. When necessary or expedient, the contents of the NFS include references to information available in other sections of the Directors’ Report, which can be easily identified by the blue “NFS” symbol placed next to the title of the relevant chapter/section. Additionally, given Snam’s adhesion to the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure – TCFD, sections of the document which contain information on the recommendations are identified through the light blue “TCFD” symbol found next to the title

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