Relations with local communities

Snam has a presence, through its infrastructure, in almost all the country’s regions, in areas and communities that are varied in terms of culture, traditions and economic, social and environmental conditions.

In creating new infrastructure and in managing existing infrastructure, Snam takes a strict, transparent, collaborative and constructive approach to ensure the environmental compatibility of the sites and to facilitate their acceptance by the stakeholders.

Snam also evaluates, in relation to the performance of the most important works (compression systems or large natural gas pipelines), the direct and indirect economic and social impact on the territory and on the local communities with Social Impact Assessment tools and methods.

During the year 52 meetings, counting the transportation sector only, were held with local government authorities and regional associations to illustrate works projects.

The main initiatives in local communities


Young Energy, a project aimed at fostering student orientation and bringing them closer to the world of work through initiatives focused on private-sector businesses. About 800 students from 8 technical schools were involved in 2020.

Con la Scuola, a project with the aim of helping schools to move from knowledge-based teaching to know-how-based teaching, where cooperation, involvement and creativity are the essential ingredients of a new way of school learning. In 2020, 40 institutions were involved, with a total of 300 teachers and 1,000 students.

Sprint! La scuola con una marcia in più promotes an alliance between schools, families and third sector organisations to create an experimental model for combating educational poverty among minors and preventing forms of juvenile distress. In 2020, the project involved more than 700 children, 100 parents and 50 teachers and education staff.

Fragile categories

Tesori – Terre Solidali in Reti Inclusive is an initiative aimed at implementing environmental and agricultural projects involving vulnerable social groups. Snam makes unused land available to communities. Between 2019 and 2020, Snam supported projects in the areas of Recanati (MC) and Ronco all’Adige (VR).

Welfare, che impresa! is a competition that gives financial and educational support to the winner. In 2020, the first prize was awarded to the social cooperative ZeroPerCento, which creates employment opportunities for young people with disabilities.

Company volunteering

In 2020, despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, company volunteering activities continued, often rethinking their original design by using digital solutions to ensure social distancing. The initiatives involved more than 1,200 employees who donated a total of 4,100 hours, of which 4,000 through payroll giving and 100 through expert volunteering.

Land redevelopment and social development

Corvetto Adottami is an initiative that involves local communities to contribute to the redevelopment and social development of Milan’s Corvetto district. The activities pursue three strands: social innovation, combating educational poverty and improving the environment and energy efficiency. In 2020, the intiative launched social inclusion projects involving the Istituto Comprensivo Candia and the social enterprise “MadeinCorvetto” and urban regeneration projects like “Il Tappeto Volante”.

ForestaMI is a project, also supported by the Municipality of Milan, aimed at planting 3 million trees by 2030. In 2020, Fondazione Snam has identified the first strategic project, Serravalle, to which it will contribute financially in partnership with Tep Energy Solution and at a planning and design level through Arbolia.

Tackling energy poverty

In 2020, Fondazione Snam renewed its commitment to Energy Poverty by carrying out a series of activities that will evolve during 2021.
In particular, the activities comprise the publication of a research study aiming at defining, measuring and describing the phenomenon of energy poverty and the main countermeasures. In addition, a call for projects will be launched to support the development of project activities aimed at combating energy poverty.

Supporting local communities during the Covid-19 pandemic

In 2020, Fondazione Snam and Snam intervened to support, in addition to the health system, the most vulnerable social groups who risked slipping into worse conditions as a result of the pandemic. Initiatives to support vulnerable groups have reached more than 600 thousand beneficiaries through the support of projects promoted by more than 150 partners.
Partners were supported with financial and material donations to aid projects working with the Elderly, People with different abilities, Women at risk of violence, People at risk of financial distress and homelessness, Children and Youth at risk of educational poverty, People affected by diseases and Foreigners.
In addition, Fondazione Snam has awarded prizes in the “Impatto Sociale Reloaded” competition to three organisations, supporting the reorganisation process initiated as a result of the pandemic.

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