Highlights 2020


Total revenue

€2,770 million
+6.3% compared to 2019, despite the effects of Covid-19 on gas demand

Adjusted Ebitda

+1.3% compared to 2019

Adjusted net profit

€1,164 million
+6.5% compared to 2019

Reported net profit

€1,101 million
+1.0% compared to 2019

Technical investments

+23.5% compared to 2019 despite Covid-19

Proposed dividend

€0.2495 per share
+5% compared to 2019


Energy transition
Acquisition of 70% of Mieci and Evolve (energy efficiency) and 50% of Iniziative Biometano (agricultural biomethane); 45 million euros in total>/strong>

Entry into the share capital of ITM Power Plc, a technological leader in green hydrogen

International development
ADNOC Gas Pipeline – infrastructure manager in the United Arab Emirates: acquisition, through a consortium with 5 international funds, of a 49% stake


Gas injected in the national network

69.97 billion cubic metres
-7.2% compared to 2019

Gas demand in Italy

71.3 billion cubic metres
-4.3% compared to 2019

Total storage capacity

17.0 billion cubic metres
the largest on offer in Europe

Allocated storage capacity

12.5 billion cubic metres
100% of available capacity

Methane tankers unloaded

60 unloaded
+5.3% compared to 2019

LNG volumes regasified

2.52 billion cubic metres
+5.0% compared to 2019


compared to 2019 Total GHG emissions. Declared carbon neutrality by 2040

compared to 2019 Natural gas emissions 35 Mm3

Percentage of electricity produced using renewable sources compared to electricity consumption

compared to 2019 Issues of NOx (403 tonnes)

Snam added to the CDP A List and the A- list of CDP suppliers


€20 million
to support the Italian healthcare system and third sector allocated, in part through Fondazione Snam to fight the pandemic

€16 million
spent in 2020

Gender equality index 
Inclusion on the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the second year in a row

female employees: +15% compared to 2019

€1,832 million
Procurement, +18% compared to 2019

procurement spent through SME: +7% compared to 2019


Average score obtained for customer satisfaction

Purpose, energy transition, gender parity 
added to the Company’s Articles of Association

Reputation audits carried out on business partners

Time dedicated to ESG issues by the Board of Directors in 2020

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