Aspects concerning the management of personnel

Future objectives and results achieved





2020 performance


Gender diversity & inclusion




Percentage of women in executive and middle-management positions (*)

ESG scorecard

25% by 2023


Percentage of women in succession planning (first and second line of reporting and key positions) (*)

ESG scorecard

27% by 2023







Percentage participation in welfare initiatives

ESG scorecard

54% by 2023



Employee engagement




Percentage employee engagement index

ESG scorecard

75% by 2023


Elimination of disposable plastic in offices


-100% by 2020

Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19






Training hours provided


320,000 hours by 2023



Performance Management




Adoption of the Performance Management programme


Widening of the perimeter to all the subsidiaries at 2020

Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19

(*) Operating scope covered includes the following companies: Snam S.p.A. Snam Rete Gas, Snam 4 Mobility, Snam Gas & Energy Services Snam International B.V. GNL Italia Stogit Cubogas Enura Gasrule Ies Biogas S.r.l. Renerwaste Lodi Renerwaste TEP TEA.

ESG scorecard KPI entered in the ESG Scorecard

Material topics and risks related to staff management

Diversity and inclusion: for Snam, protecting employees promoting merit and diversity means actively advocating the creation of an inclusive and effective work environment through initiatives of dialogue and collaboration.

Developing and safeguarding human capital: Snam is committed every day to the development of the expertise and potential of its people, encouraging professional development, implementing policies to attract and retain talent, and promoting the transfer of skills and experience. Increasing the technical, managerial and organisational skills of its employees, also through training activities and the activation of systematic listening systems for employees, is therefore of vital importance. Snam considers the well-being of its employees to be a priority and therefore develops welfare initiatives to guarantee a good work-life balance.

The issue of employment is important for Snam, but it was not categorised as material during the analysis conducted, taking into consideration the fact that the Company operates in countries featuring well-defined rules on the protection of workers.

Risks and material topics associated with aspects concerning the management of personnel



Material topics


Risk of losing “key” personnel or of inability to attract, train or keep qualified personnel or situations in which the ability to implement the long-term business strategy is negatively affected owing to significant disputes with employees

  • Developing and safeguarding human capital
  • Diversity and inclusion

For a complete description of the risks, please refer to “Risks factors and uncertainties” contained in the “Risk management” section in the Integrated Management Report.

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