Corporate and organisational structure

The Corporate Governance system is based on principles, such as correct and transparent business management ensured also through the identification of information flows between corporate bodies and an efficient definition of the internal control and risk management system. Moreover, the Group adopted specific guidelines compliant with a large part of the recommendations contained in the Corporate Governance Code published by the Corporate Governance Committee in January 2020 and officially effective from 2021. The Corporate Governance Guidelines define, among other things, the principles, content, tools and operating methods of the strategic guidance activity carried out by Snam. In line with the corporate governance system and characteristics of its organisational structure, the management and coordination activities take into adequate consideration the legal autonomy and principles of correct corporate and business management of the subsidiaries.

The main policies that underpin and shape Snam’s commitment are:

  • Sustainable development policy
  • Health, safety and environment policy
  • Diversity and inclusion policy
  • Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • Enterprise Risk Management Guidelines
  • Integrated Risk Assurance & Compliance Guidelines
  • Snam Group Tax Strategy Guidelines
  • Stakeholder engagement policy
  • Human rights policy
  • Policy on the management of philanthropic activities and social initiatives
  • Anti-Corruption Guidelines
  • Social Supply Chain Policy

Detailed information on the Corporate Governance system can be found in the “Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure 2020”, published on the website.

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