Fondazione Snam

Fondazione Snam has contributed to combating the Coronavirus emergency by allocating funds to non-profit organisations that support the most vulnerable groups through assistance services.

In particular, Snam and the Foundation served the communities during the pandemic through the following actions:

  • activation of the network of national and international contacts thanks to which medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) were purchased and procured to be donated to the National Health System (NHS) and the Regions;
  • donation of material “in kind” in support of fragile categories, through institutions and Third Sector organisations;
  • Social Impact Reloaded, an initiative to support Third Sector innovation in response to the new scenario introduced by the pandemic.

Fondazione Snam (Graphic)

* Includes the support to organisations that work in coordination with health structures to implement measures to contain the virus.
** The figure includes various support activities including support for network building and cultural activities

For more information on the activities carried out by Snam and Fondazione Snam, see the chapter “The power of working together – Engaging local communities”.

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