For a net zero world

Snam has always been committed to reducing its impact on the planet and safeguarding the natural habitat in which it operates. Awareness of the need to take action to achieve decarbonisation objectives is integrated into the work and decisions of Snam, which has been carefully monitoring its direct and indirect environmental impacts for years: the commitment to reduce energy consumption and emissions is a fundamental element of the Group’s strategy. Acting according to a sustainable business model that creates value in the long term also means committing to the protection of land and biodiversity, which is precisely why Snam pays particular attention to the impact of its infrastructure on the territory, devising new solutions to avoid or minimise it. These factors guide the design choices and daily operations of the Group, which, to ensure effective and transparent management, oversees its activities also through environmental management systems certified according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Through this holistic approach, Snam is making a concrete contribution to the combat against climate change and to safeguarding the environment in general. In terms of environmental protection, in 2020, Snam expenditures amounted to approximately Euro 136 million (Euro 125 million in investments and Euro 11 million in operating costs).

Enviromental Expenses (Graphic)
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