The 2020-2024 strategic plan

The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan (Graphic)

The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, Towards Net Zero, considering the repositioning of the Group that has taken place in recent years thanks to the skills of its people and the increasing importance of digitalisation, envisages a key role for Snam in the energy transition, with the assumption of the role of enabler for a low-carbon economy at national and international level through the strengthening of its core business and the development of green gas.

The ambitious objectives set out in the new Strategic Plan envisage concrete short-, medium- and long-term actions to become Net Zero Carbon by 2040, made possible also thanks to a Euro 7.4 billion euro investment plan, most of which is aimed at decarbonisation and increasing the share of the hydrogen ready network, which has already reached 70% of the total.

To achieve carbon neutrality, the Plan also integrates a series of environmental, social and governance targets, included in the new ESG Scorecard, to provide stakeholders with a holistic view of the Company’s engagement and growing awareness in these areas.

The six pillars of the 2020-2024 Plan

The six pillars of the 2020-2024 Plan (Graphic)
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