Growing with people

In the European gas market, the continuous development of the business, the constant technological evolution and the opening towards the world of energy transition, require increasingly specific and diversified skills, teamwork and the ability to innovate continuously. The skills of Snam’s people are therefore a determining factor in contributing to the success of the company and in continuing to create value in the context in which it operates: technical preparation, managerial skills, know-how, innovation and vision of future of its people are the basis of Snam’s growth. Similarly, Snam’s purpose, “Energy to inspire the world”, aims to strengthen the sense of belonging within the organisation and facilitate the creation of a working environment that creates opportunities for growth for its people. With this in mind, every year, the company works to consolidate systems and policies to guide people’s leadership and performance with the aim of giving them all the tools to make them active participants in change.

Focusing on entrepreneurship and empowerment, cross-project teams, agile working arrangements such as smartworking, which was further enhanced following the Covid-19 pandemic, and new criteria for professional development were introduced. In addition, considering Snam’s commitment to the energy transition, through employee engagement initiatives, the Group has taken steps to disseminate a corporate culture geared towards combating climate change and the increasingly consistent use of alternative and sustainable forms of energy.

Best Employers

The study “Italy’s Best Employers”, carried out by Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Statista, recognises Snam as the best company to work for in Italy in the Energy sector.

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