Company fleet

As part of its decarbonisation strategy, Snam has not only planned measures to reduce emissions from plants and buildings, but also from its corporate fleet, seeking to move towards increasingly sustainable mobility.

During 2020, despite the fact that the contingent situation has slowed down the replacement of vehicles, the initiative to methanise the company’s fleet of vehiclescontinued, both through the purchase of methane-powered cars and through the installation of retrofit systems, which allow a tank of methane to be associated with cars previously powered only by gasoline or diesel.

The installation of retrofit systems was particularly significant on the executive car fleet, which recorded an increase of 35 methane cars in 2020. At the same time, activities are underway to convert the 4x4 fleet to natural gas with retrofit systems, which will continue in 2021. In addition, the entire Snam Group purchased 100 natural gas cars, which, net of cars sold or disposed of during the year, resulted in 545 natural gas vehicles.

Company fleet
Owned natural gas vehicles (no.)

Company fleet – Owned natural gas vehicles (no.) (Graphic)

The Paperless Project and digitalisation in the company fleet

Snam has launched the Paperless project to reduce paper consumption in the company to zero by 2022. An ambitious goal, consistent with a growth strategy based on sustainable development aimed at reducing waste and reducing the use of raw materials.

This project has also touched on the area of vehicles, for which the initiative to digitalise trip reports useful for tracing the use of Snam Rete Gas vehicles was completed in 2020. The tracking system allows drivers to authenticate themselves via the app on their smartphones and digitally track the use of their vehicles, eliminating the need to fill out paper forms every time a vehicle is used.

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