Listening to stakeholders

Listening to stakeholders (Graphic)

The importance of building a transparent and collaborative relationship with all stakeholders in a transformation context has gained particular relevance during this year, especially at a time when the necessary measures to combat the pandemic and the requirement for interpersonal distance greatly affected business travels and meetings between people. Thanks to the Group’s commitment and the reorganisation of its initiatives, Snam has continued its stakeholder engagement activities with a view to listening to and including all stakeholders, establishing a continuous and transparent dialogue, increasing mutual trust and serving the Group’s decision-making processes in the best possible way.

Stakeholder listening initiatives involve all corporate structures, each within the scope of its own prerogatives, roles and responsibilities. In order to ensure a homogeneous approach to dialogue activities, since 2016, the Group has adopted a Stakeholder Engagement Policy that defines Snam’s approach to this issue and has four key objectives:

Stakeholder Engagement Policy (Graphic)
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