New businesses: levers for the energy transition

New businesses: Levers for the energy transition KPI's (Graphic)

The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan envisages the important development of new businesses for the energy transition (biomethane, hydrogen, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency) which, due to their fundamental role in the decarbonisation process, have seen their share of investment increase from Euro 200 million in 2018 to Euro 720 million in the new Plan. The investments are aimed at enhancing Snam’s positioning as a “system integrator” able to offer green solutions and contribute to the development of renewable gas. The growth strategy also includes acquisitions and partnerships with leading companies in the various businesses, also aimed at internalising their expertise and further strengthening Snam’s positioning.

In particular, Snam has allocated significant resources to the development of initiatives that exploit two types of gas: biomethane and hydrogen. This investment strategy aims to develop the value chain of the two gases with a view to integrating them into the existing infrastructure, thereby facilitating the energy transition.

H? benefits, Biomethane benefits (Graphic)
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