The web portal: an open window on the world of suppliers

Since 2013, Snam has made available a specific web platform available to suppliers: Portale Fornitori (Supplier Portal). This portal is the main tool through which the Company implements its procurement policy, making it totally transparent and traceable, with full information published.

Suppliers and candidates get in touch with Snam mainly through the Portal where the documents, best practices, updates on the processes and procedures regulating qualification and procurement activities are available. All suppliers registered to the Portal have a dedicated reserved area available, containing information involving them directly including: product sectors for which they are qualified, active contracts, performance in terms of workplace safety, notifications for invoicing the services provided.

The supplier portal is a tool that is constantly developing and growing: the new functionalities introduced year after year make it more efficient and stimulate how often it is used when interacting with Snam. In 2020 alone, more than 7,200 users registered on the portal (+37% compared to 2019), belonging to more than 2,200 suppliers (+9% compared to 2019). This year too, the portal was used to ensure constant and transparent communication with suppliers, who received a total of over 25,000 e-mails (+6% compared to 2019).

In 2020

over 676,000
pages read

over 194,000
hits to the Supplier Portal

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