The power of working together

Snam builds energy networks thanks to the work of its people, who are the fundamental pillar on which the Group’s success is based, preserving the engineering tradition and spreading a strong sense of belonging. Aware of the irreplaceable role they play, Snam invests in training its employees to ensure the continuity of technical and technological know-how and proposes engagement activities to spread a culture that facilitates the transformation process. Essential elements are the company’s values and the creation of an inclusive working environment, where diversity and plurality are enhanced. We work together to encourage virtuous behaviour, which is also encouraged by Snam’s commitment to enhancing the professionalism and talents of each individual in a meritocratic and transparent manner. Equally important for achieving the ambitious goals that the Group has set itself are its suppliers, partners in change, to whom Snam has always paid particular attention. Finally, the relationship and transparency towards local communities are a strong point in Snam’s modus operandi and are further strengthened by the presence of Fondazione Snam which, acting as a system integrator, facilitates local development.

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