Indirect GHG emissions from energy consumption (Scope 2)

Indirect GHG Scope 2 emissions

Indirect GHG Scope 2 emissions (kt CO<sub>2eq</sub>) (Bar chart)

Indirect emissions from energy consumption (Scope 2) derive from the procurement of electricity and heat produced by third parties that the Company uses for its activities. Indirect emissions are calculated with both the Market Based approach, which gives a nil CO2eq emission factor for energy consumption from certified renewable sources, and the Location Based approach, which considers an average CO2eq emission factor based on the national energy mix.

Despite the fact that total electricity consumption of approximately 128,750 MWh increased by 10% compared to 2019, this did not result in a corresponding increase in emissions, as the higher electricity consumption is mainly attributable to the Renerwaste sites (not accounted for in 2019). Although they require a lot of energy for the waste treatment and biogas production process, they use electricity from renewable sources for almost 60% of their energy needs.

Moreover, in general, emissions due to higher electricity consumption have been mitigated by the switch to green electricity at the Poggio Renatico plant, which joins those of Messina, Terranuova Bracciolini and Enna (Snam Rete Gas), Brugherio (Stogit), to the Panigaglia LNG plant and the Snam4Mobility sites. CO2eq emissions calculated according to the Market Based approach amount to 31.3 thousand tonnes, down compared to 2019 (-3.4%), thanks to the increasing use of renewable energy sources, thus avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of approximately 18,600 tonnes of CO2eq, up compared to the 16,100 tonnes avoided in 2019.

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