Snam's organisational model

Corporate management refers to an organisational and procedural system that is consistent for all Snam Companies, in Italy and abroad, created for the purpose of making its corporate management rules clear, simple and systematic. Fundamental to the functioning of the system is managerial action based on the assignment of precise objectives to each position of responsibility and the transparent evaluation of the results achieved, thus making it possible to constantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.

Snam’s organisational structure is divided into four business units and staff functions, arranged with a view to simplifying processes, efficiency and continuous improvement. The business units are focused on Snam’s four core activities: (i) international development, (ii) management of Italian subsidiaries and development of technical services focused on specialised skills and know-how for gas operators, (iii) development of businesses related to energy transition, and (iv) development of the hydrogen business. In 2020, also in view of the weight that hydrogen and energy transition activities have in the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, the role of the corresponding business units was further enhanced.

Snam's organisational model (Graphic)

* Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, performs audit activities completely independently in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors.

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