Emissions in EU ETS
(European Union Emissions Trading System)

CO2 emissions ETS plants
(106 tCO2eq)

CO<sub>2</sub> emissions ETS plants (10<sup>6</sup> tCO<sub>2eq</sub>) (Line chart)

Snam has 22 plants subject to the Emission Trading System, the European scheme under which a cap is set on the total quantity of certain greenhouse gases that can be emitted by plants with certain characteristics. This ceiling is reduced over time, so that there is an incentive to reduce emissions. When a company cannot stay within this limit, it has to buy allowances from the market. The allocation of free allowances by the Competent National Authority is progressively reduced each year as provided for in the third regulatory period of article 10 bis of Directive 2009/29/EC, which ended in 2020.

Snam’s ETS emissions amounted to 0.615 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, of which 0.120 million tonnes were allocated for free and 0.495 million tonnes were bought from the market.

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Plants subject to Emission Trading


Number of plants

Name of plants



Gas compression plants in Enna, Gallese, Istrana, Malborghetto, Masera, Melizzano, Messina, Montesano, Poggio Renatico, Tarsia, Terranuova Bracciolini, Minerbio, Sergnano



Storage gas compression plants in Cortemaggiore, Fiume Treste, Minerbio, Ripalta, Sabbioncello, Sergnano, Settala, Bordolano



Liquefied natural gas regasification plant in Panigaglia

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