Monitoring gas markets

As part of its assessments of the wholesale gas markets, the Authority has mandated the Gestore dei Mercati Energetici to support Snam in monitoring the competitive aspects of the gas market. These activities mainly concern the preparation of an integrated database of transport and balancing, storage and regasification services, which will be made available to the Regulator and updated on a daily basis. In addition, Snam will be required to make available periodic indices and reports on the functioning of the balancing, the balance of the system and the flexibility of supply sources, and must be available at all times to carry out further specific analyses at the request of the Authority.

In particular, in 2020, more than 16,800 data flows and periodic reports were submitted to the Authority, in accordance with its instructions, and analyses were carried out in relation to services (transport, storage and regasification) in support of the activities of the Regulator. For the management of these activities, conventions, manuals and dedicated technical specifications are shared with the GME and approved by the Authority.

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European developments

During 2020, the European Commission launched several initiatives to adapt the legislative and regulatory frameworks in the energy-environmental field, in line with the objectives outlined in the European Green Deal communication of December 2019, in order to facilitate the path to full decarbonisation by 2050. In particular, the main developments expected in the gas infrastructure sector will concern the possibility of accommodating green gas in a context of increasing cross-sector integration, starting with the electricity sector. A major role will be dedicated to the conversion of gas infrastructure to hydrogen, as indicated by the Commission’s initiatives to design a Hydrogen Strategy and revise the guidelines underpinning trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E).
Snam has actively participated in the process of revising the European regulatory and legislative framework, providing contributions to the various consultations of the European Commission and other institutions, both directly, through the development of specific evaluations and corporate positions, and through the sector associations of which it is a member (e.g. ENTSO-G, Gas Infrastructure Europe and Hydrogen Europe).

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