Energy to inspire the world: the purpose of snam

In a time of transformation and change, the company must be clear about the reason for which it exists: its purpose. To find it, it is necessary to reshape the organisation and activate a collective exercise among people of research and analysis of the added value that can be contributed to the world. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to have a broader outlook and range of action than in the past, aiming to create solid relationships between people, suppliers and communities, responding to the needs of sustainable development for all stakeholders.

“Energy to inspire the world” is the purpose of Snam, where its history and values come together. The Group’s strong engineering tradition, its sense of belonging to the energy industry and its great capacity for building infrastructure, combined with its founding values and the role that the Group aims to have in the energy transition, have been the basis of the path that Snam has taken to achieve its purpose. Snam is much more than a company that builds and manages energy infrastructures: with the work of its people it guarantees secure supplies, enables millions of homes to be heated, connects countries and communities, creates opportunities for development while respecting the environment and is a key player in the energy transition.

Purpose is a daily commitment for Snam: it is part of its culture and strategy. With the new Towards Net Zero Strategic Plan, the Group has set itself the goal of taking a leading role in the energy transition, thanks to the new businesses (biomethane, hydrogen, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility) and the innovation component, and aims of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040, ahead of the European target set for 2050. To achieve the objectives outlined above, Snam adopts sustainable finance policies and tools that are consistent with its strategy and aimed at developing a transparent and efficient financial market. Sustainability is central to the Group’s strategy and this is also demonstrated by the the ESG Scorecard, which aims to explain and report to stakeholders in a timely and transparent manner the environmental, social and governance targets that Snam has defined in line with its sustainable development strategy.

Energy transition and sustainable success in the Snam Bylaws

“Energy to inspire the world” is the message that guides Snam’s modus operandi and was formally incorporated into the company’s Bylaws in 2021. In fact, the Shareholders’ Meeting of 2nd February 2021 approved an amendment to the Bylaws, which expressly recalls the energy transition businesses alongside the core businesses of the regulated activities, as well as the principle of pursuing sustainable success among the aims to which the Company’s business activities must conform.

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