Snam in the front line against Covid-19

The year 2020 was characterised by uncertainties and complexities, a year in which the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19 disrupted everyone’s daily life, creating a precarious, difficult environment and confronting people with unexpected situations.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which spread rapidly around the world and was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11th March 2020, has caused negative consequences worldwide with impacts on the business environment, supply chains and, directly or indirectly, the entire socio-economic system.

Italy was among the first countries to be affected, identifying patient zero as early as 21st February 2020, the day on which Snam immediately took action with timely and rigorous measures that would characterise its operations for months to come, determined to guarantee the safety and health of its people and at the same time ensuring the continuity of the service, which is essential for the country’s energy security.

The Company immediately created an inter-functional team of about 20 people working around the clock to manage and monitor the development of the events, to maintain constant contact with local and national institutions, with the Extraordinary Commissioner for the emergency and with the Civil Protection, in compliance with all the provisions issued by the Government and the regions.

One of the main points of attention was to keep employees constantly updated on the evolution of the pandemic and the company’s management of the emergency. In fact, Snam has been close to its employees not only by activating all the necessary measures to prevent and protect the health of its people, but also by promoting listening initiatives, providing psychological support, and rethinking the Easy Intranet as a virtual meeting place, where thoughts and reflections can be shared. Thanks to the #distantimauniti initiative, the sense of community, cohesion and belonging to the company has been strengthened.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of the social role of businesses, highlighting the need to respond to today’s major challenges, including social inequality. With this in mind, Snam, guided by the purpose “Energy to inspire the world” and by a strong spirit of solidarity, together with all its people and also in collaboration with Fondazione Snam, institutions and more than 150 Third Sector organisations, has carried out numerous aid projects, reaching more than 600,000 people throughout Italy.

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Proactive emergency management

21st February 2020: creation of an inter-functional team of about 20 people working 24 hours a day with the aim of following the development of the emergency, guaranteeing security and business continuity and dialogue with stakeholders

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Immediate activation of precautions

Adoption of appropriate precautionary measures and remote management systems to secure control rooms, facilities and territorial offices and to ensure business continuity

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1,600 pulmonary ventilators
4.7 million masks

20 million allocated also through Fondazione Snam to carry out initiatives in favour of the Italian health system and the third sector

1,200 employees participated
4,000 hours
Euro 1.1 million raised and donated
250 paid leave hours

"Shape the Future", a fundraising campaign to which employees have been able to contribute through:

  • Payroll giving: donation of one or more hours from the pay slip
  • Assignment of RAL: assignment by executives of a percentage of their RAL (gross annual salary) between between 5% and 25%
  • Match-giving: doubling of employee donation amount through matching by Fondazione Snam
  • Donation of internal days paid leave: donation of employees’ days paid leave to colleagues in need

Over 200 families reached
Snam, through Snam4Mobility and in collaboration with Wetaxi, has transported food and other essential products in the Naples metropolitan area for free on behalf of ActionAid and Proodos using CNG-powered vehicles

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Smartworking extension as of 24th February

Setting up and strengthening smart working, first in the areas most exposed to the virus, then extended to all regions, while maintaining activities essential for business continuity

3,200 pulse oximeters distributed
Distribution of pulseoximeters to measure the saturation or percentage of oxygen in the blood and heart rate to the entire company population

1,557 serological tests
231 swabs

Preventive serological screening on a voluntary basis available to the whole population, with access to a swab test if necessary

3 webinars with the CEO
+400 shared messages

Constant communication with employees via daily emails and updates available on the Intranet. Creating a mailbox to answer questions and doubts and provide support. Creation of the “virtual wall’ on the Intranet to collect employees” thoughts and reflections. Creation of the sharing webinar campaign

Pulse survey Covid-19: a questionnaire for monitoring the microclimate in the company

Welfare initiatives: reimbursement and search for babysitters, on-demand delivery service request and supply of meal vouchers, Covid policy to cover hospitalisation due to the pandemic virus, workshops on healthy eating, psychological support, yoga, pilates, mindfulness, postural gymnastics, digital detox, remedial platform, school guidance and video lessons, including one-to-one with certified teachers

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